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Mature Truffles

The truffles arrive at maturity between December and March, following the years. I use two ways to find them: one with my dog Largo, the other "Fly", My father's method ... It is at the moment when the truffle reaches its state of maturation that the flies intervene. It is not a vulgar fly, but the elegant "Suillia", which attracts the smell of ripe truffles in the soil, prepares to deposit its eggs because the larva is tubériforme. It is "Cellarer" To be attentive to his behavior.

There are several species of truffles but I choose to sell only the tuber melanosporum, the black truffle of the Périgord, emblematic of the south west of France. In order to guarantee the quality I undertake to select the best truffles. The shipment is under vacuum immediately after the harvest. It may happen that due to a breakdown of stock I am obliged to supply myself to my fellow truffle around.

I find 75% of the truffles under the trees of my plantation: green oak, pubescent oak and hazel. The young trees were bought mycorrhizal. I find the other 25% under spontaneous trees of the property, ie trees under which the truffle grows naturally!

The size of the truffles

The big truffles are neither better nor less good than the small ones and the whole truffles are no better than the pieces.
The truffles are brushed, washed and "Pocketed", A small part is removed with a knife for checking. The pulpit must be black, veined with white, firm without being hard. This removes frozen, immature or simply rotten truffles.

Order our Truffles

The price of truffles varies during the season, depending on the abundance and the ratio between supply and demand, it lies around 1000 €/kg excl. VAT
Please Contact Us Directly to know the market price.
Micorhizé Green Oak

Mycorrhizal Green Oak

Black truffle of Perigord

Black truffle of the Périgord: Tuber melanosporum

Largo the Dog caver

Largo: The Dog caver

Suillia the truffle-seeking fly

Suillia The fly of truffles