Black truffle of Périgord
The best truffle remains the fresh truffle ...

Before anything else, the best truffle remains the fresh truffle. We keep 100% of its aroma and 100% of its crunch.

Whether the truffle is fresh or canned, it is necessary to use a minimum of 15 grams per person to give enough flavour to the dish. It is necessary to choose recipes using neutral and cheap products.

Example: truffle butter, omelette or scrambled eggs with truffles, mashed potatoes or salad with truffles, tagliatelle with truffles, truffle risotto, truffle sauces, rich foie gras and caramel-filled.

Let the truffle soak in the first few hours, or even a few days, the food of the recipe. Example: eggs or cream + truffles in an airtight container in the fridge for 2 or 3 days.
The spraying of the truffle makes the molecules burst and gets the maximum taste, so do not hesitate to mix it. You can add a few slices of fresh truffles for the visual and the crunchy.

Our recipes with truffles

Truffle butter

Truffle butter recipe


60 gr of salted butter

20 GR of Truffle




Take out the butter at room temperature

Spray the truffles to the mixer until dust is obtained

Mix with a fork the truffle and butter

Roll in a movie to get little puddings

Keep from 1 to 8 days in the fridge

Freeze after 3 days of fridge

Serve on slices of fresh baguettes or bread previously baked

If possible add a thin slice of fresh truffle to each toast.

Egg to the shell

Recipes: Egg-A-la-hull-truffle



From the day before, brush your truffles vigorously under a trickle of fresh water. Wash them, wipe them and install them with the eggs in a closed jar. These will take after a few hours the scent of the truffles without any alteration of these and your shell eggs are only tastier.

Dip the eggs in boiling water and count for 3 minutes of cooking.

Serve with boiled of country bread, fresh butter, salt and pepper.

Optional : Serve with boiled spread of truffle butter where, and with fresh truffle slices.


Scrambled eggs or Omelet

Recipe: Truffle Omelet


As many truffles and eggs as diners

Fresh Cream




Let the truffles and eggs spend a night of love in an airtight box

Peel the truffles, cut them into 2

Spray to the mixer one half, cut into strips the other half

Make an emulsion with the eggs

Add truffles

Emulsify again

Cook the scrambled on low heat and stop cooking with whipped cream

Serve with chervil on a hot plate and hot plates or in egg

Pasta with truffles

Pasta with truffles

500 g of tagliatelle

1 jar of fresh cream






A few hours before, or even the night before, spray some of the truffles, add the remainder to pieces for the visual and the crunch, mix it all with the fresh cream, book under Scellofrais. 

Cook the tagliatelle, mix with the cream lightly warm. Serve hot.