The black truffle of Périgord: our Passion

Nestled atop a hill dominating the Dordogne, in the small village of Coux and Bigaroque in Périgord Noir in a secret place, The truffle of the castle is a truffière consisting of more than 500 Oaks truffle which offers its most beautiful black diamonds: The black truffle of Périgord (Tuber melanosporum).

It is with passion that with my dog Largo, I travel every day the ranks of the truffière so that at the beautiful season in winter we can discover what nature offers more wonderful for our palate and our taste buds.

Indeed, the trufficulture is a work of long breath, it is a question of bringing together all year the conditions necessary for the flourishing of this precious mushroom underground which is the truffle.
From the size of the trees through the ideal watering and soil preparation, keeping them cool during the summer with stratagems that must be constantly imagined, the use of our horned animals for natural maintenance, until the artisanal harvest of the truffle, there are a thousand occasions of "trufficultiver".

But all the fun is there, at every moment until the very first black truffle of the season is ready to be tasted: a truffle butter on a slice of toasted bread, a riddled omelet, where simply pasta with a truffle sauce which Myriam has the secret.

We offer you to share this pleasure with us!
You can Contact Us To order us the truffle of the castle, we will pick it up specially for you and ship it without time under vacuum to the address of your choice so that you can fully enjoy all the flavors of the fresh truffle and you feel in your turn a Little in Périgord.

Some tips to start the Trufficulture

Choosing the right Tree truffle
In most truffle, the trees used are green oaks, but they are not the only ones that can see their root system associating with the mycelium (Mycorrhiza = symbiosis between the mycelium and the root). Indeed, other species such as Hazel, Linden, pubescent Oak, English oak and even some of the pines are likely to host this famous fungus.

Find his plant in truffle
In order to obtain mycorrhizal plants, it will be necessary to address Specialized Nursery Certified by approved organizations such as The INRA (High mycorrhizal level with a quality of mycorrhizal without contaminants or without competitors contrary to the very good development of the truffle). These plants are obtained by seeding spores and the results of the success of this operation are verified prior to the commercialization. You can't afford to buy a bad quality plant to realize it 5 to 10 years later.

Planting the Truffle
The tuber will only develop if the climate and the soil are adapted: this is what forms the terroir. For the climate, you will not be able to change anything. The trufficulture requires a calcareous soil, if your soil is clayey, it will be necessary to make sure to incorporate a large portion of limestone on a wide area before planting your shrub.
For the following, each trufficulteur works according to his own recipes which he keeps secret: pruning of the tree, watering, maintenance of the meadow, planting distance and mixing of the essences, one speaks even (not too strong) of truffle traps.
A first indication of your success will be the absence under the vegetation tree: No grass, this is called Burn.
It's up to you to play and experience your own methods and especially make you happy!


Black truffle of Périgord


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